Taking a Cruise to the Caribbean and Cancun

There are various Caribbean cruise lines to choose from. If you are looking for top of the line Caribbean cruises, you can browse the net for top picks from travelers and critics. If you are looking to travel to certain portions of the Caribbean, you will find that there are specific cruise lines that are top picks for that hemisphere. For instance, for the Southern Caribbean, Silver Wind is the cruise line that is the hot pick. It takes you to places like Barbados, Bequia, Antigua, Dominica and St. Bart. This ship comes from the Silversea cruise line. This is an eight day cruise to the various islands. Only one day is spent at sea.

Then if you are looking for Caribbean cruise lines for the Eastern Caribbean islands, you should check with Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas. You will visit islands like Puerto Rico, St. Thomas and St. Maarten. This is a three day cruise. The most popular of the Caribbean is the Western portion. This side consists of islands like Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Princess Cays, Mexico and Cozumel. You can find the Princess’ Gran Princess ship to take you to these lavish destinations. Partake in various activities, such as climbing waterfalls in Jamaica or scuba diving in the ocean.

If you’re looking for short Caribbean cruise lines you can easily do so. The islands are so close to U.S. ports, which make it very easy for travelers to take a few days off to have an island getaway. Celebrity’s Century will take you on a five night cruise to Jamaica and Grand Cayman. Only two days are spent out at sea. If you find any of these cruise lines to be interesting for your trip, look them up and see what type of discounted rates you can come up with.

Cancun Cruises

Are you looking into Cancun cruises? There are plenty of different ones to choose from, so begin your search online. There you will find listings of different cruise ships that go to Cancun. To help you narrow down the list, you should look into the different features that they offer. There are also discounted rates that you can find online. Just browse through the discount cruise rate web sites to see which offer the best deals. Don’t just look at the prices; you should also look into the accommodations that they have. Do they have a movie theater? Do they have a gym? Do they have a spa? Do they have a kiddie pool? These are all things that you want to look into based on your own interests.

If you are planning to take your children with you, you should look into the activities that the Cancun cruises offer. You don’t want to bring your children on a cruise that was made for couples or for teens. There are multiple activities that you can look out for that would entertain young children and teens. You can search around for the discounted rates for Cancun cruises. There are various web sites that work with cruise lines by offering last minute deals in exchange for low rates.

These low rates are usually between 40% and 75% off of the original price. These are great discounts that many people don’t know about. Don’t let them get past you. You can be traveling to Cancun affordably, rather than spending a lot of money to get to Mexico. Once you find the cruise you like you can go ahead and book it for the dates you wish. Cancun is a very popular destination, especially when it comes to Spring Break and family vacations.

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